Your question: Can I knit both sleeves at the same time?

Working both sleeves, at the same time, on a single set of needles, eliminates a couple common knitting problems. … First, you can ensure that the shaping of your sleeves is exactly the same. Second, both sleeves are finished at the same time, so you don’t get stuck on sleeve island.

Can you knit 2 sleeves at the same time?

For those who haven’t tried this and are mystified, it’s actually quite straightforward. Get a long straight needle – or circular to knit back and forth on, if that’s your pleasure – and two balls of yarn. Cast on for one sleeve, drop the first ball. Cast on for the second sleeve from the second ball.

How do you knit two things at once?

Written instructions to knit two at once from a one at a time knitting pattern

  1. Choose the appropriate needles and divide your yarn into two separate balls.
  2. Cast on half the stitches with your first ball of yarn.
  3. Cast on all the stitches from the pattern with a second ball of yarn.


How do you cast on two sleeves at a time?

Magic Loop two-at-time

  1. Using yarn A, cast on HALF the stitches you need for the first sock. …
  2. Slide the yarn A stitches (the ones you just cast on) away from the needle tip, sliding it over to the other side of the needle.
  3. Using yarn B, cast on ALL the stitches you need for the second sock.
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Can you knit sleeves in the round?

Knitting in the round is the only way to make a seamless knitted tube, be it a hat, pair of socks, mittens, even the body or sleeves of a sweater. … Regardless, it is a great tool to have in your knitting toolbox. For learning purposes it is best if the circulars you use do not match.

How do you cast on 2 at a time socks?

For two at a time socks, you will start by casting on half of the number of stitches in Yarn A (32 stitches) for the first sock. Then, drop Yarn A and pick up Yarn B. Cast on the total number of stitches for Yarn B (64 stitches) for your second sock and pull a loop out at the halfway point with your needle cable.