You asked: How do you carry yarn on the wrong side?

Carrying on the wrong side: Carrying the yarn across the row on the wrong side of the fabric is probably the easiest method to use when working with different colors. To carry a strand on the wrong side of the fabric, work over the strand every few stitches with the second color.

How do you alternate yarn colors?


  1. Drop the First Color and Start the Second. …
  2. Knit the First Stitch With the New Color. …
  3. Knit Across the Row. …
  4. Carry Colors Along the Edges. …
  5. Keep the Carried Yarn Smooth. …
  6. Change Colors Back to the Carried Yarn. …
  7. Weave in the Ends of the Yarn.


How do you switch back and forth between colors in crochet?

Stick your hook through your chain, yarn over, and then pull it through to create two loops. At this point you should have two loops around your hook. Leave these loops on your hook as you switch colors.

How do you crochet with two colors of yarn?

In the stitch just before you want the new color change to occur, work half of the double crochet. To do so, yarn over and insert your hook in the last stitch you want worked in the old color, yarn over again and pull up a loop. Then yarn over and pull through two loops. This will leave you with two loops on your hook.

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How many stitches can you carry yarn?

You can carry yarn for stretches longer than 5 or 7 stitches, but pushing the traditional limits requires that you catch the float.