You asked: Does craftsy have knitting patterns?

14 FREE Easy Knitting Patterns from Craftsy | Craftsy.

Does craftsy exist?

The good news for all of us is that Craftsy lives on!! In July 2020, TN Marketing announced they had purchased the Craftsy assets, and last fall relaunched our original and beloved Craftsy platform.

Where can I get free Ravelry patterns?

Easily find knitting and crochet project ideas when searching for Ravelry Free Patterns.

It’s totally free to do so, too.

  • Visit
  • Click the “join now!” button.
  • Enter your email address to get a signup link. …
  • Open your email titled “Your sign up link” and click the link.


What is the best knitting app?

Awesome Knitting Apps for iPhone and/or Android Devices:

  • knitCompanion is a knitting pattern tracking app. …
  • Knit Counter Lite is free iPhone mobile app that keeps track of your stitch counts. …
  • Stash2Go is an App that connects with your Ravelry account. …
  • JKnit HD Lite – a pattern reader app specifically made for iPad.


Can knitting patterns be copyrighted?

However, the U.S. Copyright Office has also included knitting and crochet patterns in its list “Works of Visual Arts” indicating that the patterns may qualify for copyright protection as a visual work. … This means you can not copy, share, download or publicly display the pattern without permission.

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Is craftsy going out of business?

Formally known as Craftsy, Bluprint has closed its doors forever. … After the NBCUniversal acquisition, Craftsy quickly began to change.

Is craftsy any good?

I Absolutely Adore Craftsy!

In all, I have 52 own forever classes and refer back to each, often. The format was SO much better than other online knit classes and the instructors were the best in the world! Thanks to Craftsy, I am confident in knitting any pattern.

The Most Popular Patterns on Ravelry

  • PussyHat Project by Kat Coyle. …
  • Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist. …
  • Reyna by Noora Laivola. …
  • Flax by tincanknits. …
  • 168-15 Charlotte by DROPS design. …
  • The World’s Simplest Mittens by tincanknits. …
  • Azel Pullover by Heidi May. …
  • In threes: a baby cardigan by Kelly Herdrich.


Can I buy patterns on Ravelry?

Patterns available online or on Ravelry

There are a lot of patterns available online and there are 70,897 patterns as of this original blog post that are available as Ravelry downloads. In November of 2015, that number has grown to 227,109.

How do I download a Ravelry pattern?

by using the Advertising link at the bottom of the page or the link from the help tab in the navigation bar. Pattern Stores Many Designers on Ravelry offer their patterns for sale via PDF download directly from Ravelry. You can browse the selection here.

How do you keep track of knitting patterns?

Try one of the following methods to track your rows when you knit:

  1. Incrementing a row counter.
  2. Making tally marks in a notebook.
  3. Using a row-counting app on your phone.
  4. “Reading” your knitting.
  5. Weave in scrap yarn.
  6. Move a paper clip.
  7. Counting with small objects.
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How does Ravelry make money?

According to the site, Ravelry makes most of its money through “yarn-related advertising.” … They post the projects they complete, the patterns and yarn they use, and the real-world groups they join. They even link their accounts to personal storefronts where they sell patterns to other users.

Is bellish a free app?

Download the free Bellish app for iOS (Android is currently in beta testing and will be available soon – stay tuned, Android friends!) A measuring tape (to measure for your size and to measure your gauge swatch) Yarn and needles.

How long do copyrighted knitting patterns last?

UK registered designs do allow for the protection of patterns in respect of dress making and embroidery and surface patterns. They can be protected for up to 25 years subject to payment of renewal fees.

Can you sell items made from a copyrighted pattern?

You can knit and sell the items from the patterns without any legal issues unless it is explicitly stated that the pattern is for personal use only, which is the right of the designer as a copyright holder to say.

Are patterns copyrighted?

In the United States, patterns are generally not eligible for copyright protection as copyright does not apply to methods or “procedures for doing, making, or building things.” Additionally, an item created from a pattern also lacks copyright protection if it is considered to be a functional object.