Which side is neck edge in knitting?

The armholes are on opposite sides of your knitting as is the neck shaping. The neck and armhole edges are at their logical, respective places. When you are knitting the right side of the piece, you are looking at the reverse of how it will be worn.

What is neck edge knitting?

right: As in “beginning at right front neck edge.” Refers to right as opposed to left. When a pattern specifies a right front, it means the front that would be on your right side as you would wear it.

What is the side edge in knitting?

Another way you can straighten your edges out on a garter stitch is to knit the first and last stitch on the right side and purl the first and last stitch on the wrong side. This is an edge stitch, but it is also called a seam edge: This is an example of a knitted Seam Edge.

How do you knit a scoop neck?

Knit this scoop-neck pullover:

  1. Start knitting the back by using US 6 needles (or one size smaller than needed to match gauge) to cast on 91 (99, 107, 123, 139, 147) sts with MC.
  2. Work in stockinette stitch (knit a row, purl a row) for 10 rows, ending with a WS row.
  3. Purl 1 RS row to create a turning ridge for the hem.
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How do you knit a neck divide?

Turn as you would at the end of a row, bind off one stitch on the purl row and purl to the end of the row. Turn and work the knit row, then bind off one stitch at the beginning of the purl row and continue without decreases.

What is the meaning of edge stitch?

: to seam or stitch for decoration along a fold line of (a piece of cloth)

How do you decrease at both ends in knitting?

There are two ways to decrease in knitting. If you’re knitting a garment one way is done at the beginning of the row and the other is done at the end of the row.

It is called K2tog.

  1. Knit till there are 3 stitches remaining on the needle.
  2. Knit 2 together. ( K2tog)
  3. Knit the last stitch.
  4. You have now decreased one stitch.


How do you knit both sides at the same time?

To start the bind off, knit two and slip the first stitch over the second stitch — don’t knit one and slip the last stitch worked for the first shoulder over at. Conversely, when you get to the other shoulder, you use the first stitch of the shoulder to bind off the last stitch.