What is the purpose of a Yarning circle what is trying to be accomplished?

A yarning circle is a harmonious, creative and collaborative way of communicating to: Encourage responsible, respectful and honest interactions between participants, building trusting relationships. Foster accountability and provide a safe place to be heard and to respond.

How does a Yarning circle work?

The students sit together in a circle and pass a “talking piece“ (an object used to identify the speaker) around. Each speaker speaks spontaneously, is concise and to the point and expresses his/her experience while the others listen with an open heart, without judgement or preconceived ideas.

What to talk about in a Yarning circle?

In your yarning circle, discuss with students the importance of local community to Aboriginal people. Explain that in Aboriginal culture, new learning/information is always judged on what the community impact will be and how it fits in with what is already known.

What is the importance of Yarning?

Yarning is a way of sharing knowledge; it’s conversations that help build relationships in a safe place; these casual conversations are not structured to timelines or subject.

What is an indigenous Yarning circle?

Yarning circles are a traditional part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture that have been used for centuries to learn from a collective group, build respectful relationships and to preserve and pass on cultural knowledge. …

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What does yarn mean in Aboriginal?

To “have a yarn” meaning to “have a chat” has been a part of Australian slang for a long time.

What is a Yarning mat?

The orange and black Yarning Circle Mat is one of our best sellers! Australian Aboriginal artist De Greer Yindimincarlie, of the Wiradjuri Nation in central New South Wales, designed this recycled, reversible floor mat. … Use them indoors for storytelling, art and craft adventures, and as a game or transition mat.

What does an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service do?

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS) is a primary health care service that is initiated and operated by the local community to deliver holistic, comprehensive, and culturally appropriate health care to the community which controls it (through a locally elected Board of …

What is social Yarning?

Clinical yarning consists of three interrelated areas: the social yarn, in which the practitioner aims to find common ground and develop the interpersonal relationship; the diagnostic yarn, in which the practitioner facilitates the patient’s health story while interpreting it through a biomedical or scientific lens; …

What is clinical Yarning?

Clinical yarning is a patient-centred approach that marries Aboriginal cultural communication preferences with biomedical understandings of health and disease.