What is CAM in knitting?

The part of a knitting machine that controls the movement of the needles or sinkers to produce a desired knitted construction.

What is cam arrangement?

Abstract: The cam arrangement for a knitting machine has a first support in the form of a cam support (11) and at least one second support in the form of a segment (14) and at least one cam part (16) mounted on the segment.

What is Cam box in knitting machine?

The CAM Cam is the second primary knitting element. The cams are the mechanical devices which convert the rotary machine drive into suitable reciprocating action for the needles or other elements.

What are the functions of needle cam and sinker during knitting?

The function of sinkers are to control the fabric movement during needle move-ment, they hold the fabric down as the needle rises and pushes the fabric away af-ter a new loop is formed. The function of the knitting cam is to move the needles during knitting action and provide precise timed movement.

What are the basic knitting elements?

There are three basic elements of knitting,such as 1. Needle 2. Cam 3. Sinker The Needles: The needles are most important stitch forming elements.

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How the needles are arranged on the knitting machine?

Circular knitting machines always produce a tube-shaped fabric. They exist in different sizes or diameters, depending on the field of application. The needles and sinkers in these machines are arranged in a circle.

What is a single jersey?

Single jersey is weft knitted fabric which is formed by one set of needles. Single jersey is the mostly used for making T-shirts in textile. In single jersey face side and back side appearance is different. This fabric is much warm, flexible, stretchy, and wear to comfort therefore get popularity.

How many types of knitting CAM are used in knitting machine?

Knitting cam are three types;

Knit Cam. Tuck Cam. Miss Cam.

Which needle is used in knitting?

Double-pointed needles

The oldest type of needle is the straight double-pointed needle. Double-pointed needles are tapered at both ends, which allows them to be knit from either end. They are typically used (and sold) in sets of four and five, and are commonly used for circular knitting.

How many different knitting needles are there?

There are five basic types of knitting needles, with some overlap: Straight needles. Circular needles. Interchangeable needles.

What types of needles are used in knitting machines?

Late 20th century domestic/studio models typically use up to 200 latch-hook needles to hold the stitches in fine, standard, mid-gauge or bulky gauge needle. A carriage or cam box is passed across the bed of needles causing the needle movements required to produce each next stitch.

What is latch needle?

: a fine steel needle for machine knitting that has a butt at one end and at the other a short hook closed by a latch — see knitting needle.

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