What is a horizontal row of stitches called?

A vertical column of stitches is called a wale, and a horizontal row of stitches, a course.

What are the names for the horizontal and vertical loops in a knit?

The series of loops those are connected horizontally, continuously are called as course. The horizontal row of loops that are made by adjacent needles in the same knitting cycle. Wales : The series of loops that intermeshes vertically are known as Wales.

What is horizontal knitting?

In knitting, welting is the horizontal analog of ribbing; that is, one or more horizontal rows of knit stitches alternating with one or more rows of purl stitches. … Welts can be decorated with nearly any motif used for a plain knitted fabric, e.g., bobbles, lace, and various colors.

What is a welt in knitting?

A welt is a raised tube of material that is worked into a knitted piece. … It can be narrow, wide, be worked in knit or purl stitches, colors, or any combination of the above.

What is a knitting loop called?

In weaving, threads are always straight, running parallel either lengthwise (warp threads) or crosswise (weft threads). By contrast, the yarn in knitted fabrics follows a meandering path (a course), forming symmetric loops (also called bights) symmetrically above and below the mean path of the yarn.

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How do you knit a Vikkel braid?

Tutorial: How to Knit a Vikkel Braid

  1. Cast on an extra stitch with either the cable or knitted-on cast on. Slip it back to the left-hand needle.
  2. Knit the second stitch through the back loop. …
  3. Knit the first stitch the regular way (through the front loop). …
  4. Slip both stitches off the left needle.
  5. Slip the first stitch back from the right needle to the left.

What is a reverse stitch in knitting?

Stitch Description

The Reverse stockinette stitch is literally the opposite of stockinette. While it is knit in the same manner, what is normally the wrong side is made public. This allows the bumpy texture of the fabric to be the star of the show. Often it is paired with cable stitches to help them pop more.

What is a ridge stitch in knitting?

The Purl Ridge Stitch pattern consists of alternating bands of stockinette stitch with a row of purl stitches, creating a textured ridge pattern. In this example we use three rows of stockinette stitch between each ridge. To most easily adapt the pattern use odd repeats of stockinette such as 5, 7, or 9.

What is a welt on a jumper?

The welt is the lower edge of the gansey (or, to give it its technical name, “the bit at the bottom”). … For this, you knit two sections (or flaps), each half the circumference of your gansey – one for the front and the other for the back.

What does Blake stitched mean?

Shoes that have been Blake stitched are characteristically close cut, as there are no external stitches, the outsole can nestle tightly to the upper, making the shoe less rigid and large.

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What is full fashioning?

In full fashioning, transferring specific loops to adjacent needles to widen or narrow the fabric results in the formation of “fashion marks.” If fashion marks are not formed, the resulting sweater is called a “shaped” garment. Full fashioning provides a better fit and a smoother seam.