Quick Answer: What is the best cross stitch pattern maker software?

PCStitch. It is probably the world’s most widely spreadcross stitching software . Its idea was to allow converting images into cross stitch patterns, keeping all functions as simple as possible at the same time.

What is the best free program to make cross stitch patterns?

Free Mac cross stitch generators:

We’d suggest stitchfiddle.com a great free online application that does a great job. Does it compete with the likes of MacStitch? No. But its a great beginner program if you’re interested in pattern making.

What’s the best cross stitch pattern maker?

Best iPad & iPhone cross stitch pattern software:

A new entry to the world of cross stitch generators, Magic Needle is effectively a ‘point and click’ pattern generator, however, its simplicity and user-friendly interface are what makes it so well-loved.

Can you create your own cross stitch pattern?

There are two main ways you can do cross stitch pattern design – by hand and using software. … It’s totally up to you as to how big or how complex you want to make the pattern, that’s the beauty of designing your own cross stitch pattern. It’s specific to your needs, so it’s as customizable as you want.

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How do I create a cross stitch pattern in Excel?

How to use Excel as a cross stitch pattern maker

  1. Start by opening a new workbook in Excel with a standard Excel sheet. …
  2. Create your chart. …
  3. Now your cross stitch pattern maker sheet is ready. …
  4. Start designing your own chart. …
  5. Continue to create your image outline. …
  6. Create a basic outline.


What program do cross stitch designers use?

PCStitch. It is probably the world’s most widely spreadcross stitching software . Its idea was to allow converting images into cross stitch patterns, keeping all functions as simple as possible at the same time.

Can I turn a photo into a cross stitch pattern?

Creating cross stitch patterns from your own pictures is very easy with Pic2Pat. In three simple steps you will transform a picture into a beautiful cross stitch chart. The chart can be downloaded to your computer where you can print and store it.

How do you enlarge a cross stitch pattern?

If you want your design to be larger, use a SMALLER count, such as 6-, 8- or 11-count Aida cloth, which has larger squares (fewer squares per inch) and will make your finished design larger. Remember, you will need to use 3 or even 4 threads when stitching on smaller count aida cloth.

Can you turn a picture into a cross stitch?

Convert your photo into a cross stitch pattern

It’s easy and free to convert any photo, sketch, drawing, or other image into a cross stitch pattern. Photo cross stitches make fun projects, impressive gifts, and unique keepsakes.

Where can I get free cross stitch patterns?

Tips on Finding Free Patterns

  • Check out your favorite floss company sites.
  • Visit Cross Stitch designer websites.
  • Some stitching supply sites offer free patterns.
  • Look at shop sites, pattern software sites, and in your favorite forums for help.
  • Some brick and mortar shops offer free pattern handouts.
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Can you make money selling cross stitch?

If you offer custom cross stitch in addition to patterns, you could make even more. If you sell 10 custom cat cross stitch pieces for $100 each, that’s another $1,000 in monthly revenue just for doing something you love.

How do I transfer a cross stitch pattern?

Steps To Transfer Cross Stitch Patterns To Fabric

  1. Method 1. Tracing Directly To The Fabric.
  2. Method 2. Printing Direct From Your Computer To Your Fabric.
  3. Method 3. DressMaking Carbon Paper Transfer.
  4. Method 4. Tracing Paper.
  5. Method 5. Water-Soluble Stabilizer.
  6. Method 6. Use Heat Transfer Pencils.


Can you sell cross stitch patterns?

Luckily, the answer is yes. There are LOADS of people selling cross stitch and cross stitch patterns online. It’s super simple to do and doesn’t cost a lot to set up at all (if anything).

How do you transfer a cross stitch pattern to fabric?

How To Use Your Tracing Paper:

  1. Print out or draw your own pattern on drawing paper.
  2. Put the pattern on top of your tracing paper.
  3. Put your pattern and tracing paper (in that order) on top of your fabric, making sure the carbon side is facing down onto your fabric.
  4. Trace over the whole pattern using a pen or tracing stylus.