Can you scale up a cross stitch pattern?

If you want your design to be larger, use a SMALLER count, such as 6-, 8- or 11-count Aida cloth, which has larger squares (fewer squares per inch) and will make your finished design larger. Remember, you will need to use 3 or even 4 threads when stitching on smaller count aida cloth.

How do you scale a cross stitch pattern?

If you take the number of stitches in a pattern (200X200) and divide each number by the count of your fabric you will get the size of your finished project. 200 divided by 18=11.1 X 11.1″. Divide the 200 by 14 and you get a project that is 14X29″ x 14.29″.

Can you double the size of a cross stitch pattern?

If you go down an aida count the finished size will be larger. (Up =smaller) Or you can double the size of the pattern by turning 1 stitch square into a larger 4 stitch square. If still too big or too small with this option you can then change the aida count, as above.

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How do I make the letters bigger in cross stitch?

If your chart indicates 40 X 45 stitches, you need to double it. When you adjust the chart to make the letters bigger, the new chart will be 80 X 90. Another example, say the chart indicates 3 X 5 x’s. To make this size bigger, you will need to stitch in 6 X 10 x’s.

What is the count in cross stitch?

Even Weave Fabrics in Cross Stitching

So the fabric count refers to the number of threads or squares per linear inch in the material. Common fabric counts of Aida range from 10 to 22 squares-per-inch. The higher the count between inches, the smaller the stitch.

How much fabric do I need to leave cross stitch?

Most stitchers add 2-3 inches of extra space around the design. If you want two inches of extra space all around your design, add 4 to both the width and height of your calculated fabric size. So, in the example above, you will need a piece of 28-count evenweave that is 9.7 x 12.6 inches.

How do I reduce the size of a cross stitch pattern?

Just stitch 4 “x”s for every 1 square on the original pattern. (For example, if there is a section of color that calls for 2 x 3 “x”s, you would stitch 4 x 6 “x”s instead.) If the original design size was 38 x 40 stitches, the new design would end up being 76 x 80 stitches.

Does Aida cloth shrink?

3. Wash Your Fabric. Depending on what you are doing with your finished piece you may want to wash your aida / evenweave first. For example, if you are making a cushion washing your fabric first can ensure your fabric won’t shrink a little after you have made the cushion and need to wash it after using it .

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How do I convert Aida to Evenweave?

Here are the typical conversions from Aida to Evenweave:

  1. 12 count Aida = 24/25 count evenweave.
  2. 14 count Aida = 28 count evenweave.
  3. 16 count Aida = 32 count evenweave.
  4. 18 count Aida = 36 count evenweave.

How big is a cross stitch square?

For example if you are stitching a motif that is 42 stitches high by 42 stitches wide on 14-count fabric, the finished design will be 3 inches square (42 stitches / 14 stitches per inch = 3 inches). On 16-count fabric the piece will be 2.6 inches square, and on 18-count fabric it will be 2.3 inches square.

How do I learn cross stitch?

Either way, follow these steps to learn the basics of cross stitch.

  1. Step 1: Reading a cross stitch chart. …
  2. Step 2: Prepare your fabric. …
  3. Step 3: Find the center of your fabric. …
  4. Step 4: Using a hoop or frame. …
  5. Step 4: Prepare your thread. …
  6. Step 5: Thread your needle. …
  7. Step 6: Making a row of cross stitches.


What does frogging mean in cross stitch?

Fabric – what you use to cross stitch onto. … Frog / Frogging – when you’ve made a mistake and have to cut out and remove/rip out some of your stitches – comes from the sound frogs make ‘ribbit ribbit’ sounding like ‘rip it rip it! ‘

How do you move up a row in cross stitch?

The trick to making neat rows with a simple cross-stitch is to master the transition and do it with an invisible stitch at the back of the fabric. Start each row with a series of half-stitches and then loop back to complete your X before making a vertical stitch to the next row.

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What does railroading mean in cross stitch?

Railroad stitching is a term used to describe a specific stitching technique. Railroading smooths the floss of your stitches so that the strands lie side-by-side, making it look like the rails of a railroad track. … Make sure you look at pieces before you did the stitch and after to see the difference.