Your question: What is FC in knitting?

FC# = slip next half of # sts onto cable needle, hold in front, knit next half of # sts, knit sts from cable needle. ft = foot/feet.

What does FC mean in knitting?

DK: Double knitting weight yarn. dpn (or dp): Double pointed needles. EON: End of needle. EOR: End of row. FC: Front cross.

What are the abbreviations for knitting?

Knit Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description
Sl1K Slip next stitch knitwise
Sl1P Slip next stitch purlwise
ssk Slip next 2 stitches knitwise one at a time. Pass them back onto left-hand needle, then knit through back loops together
st st stockinette stitch

How many extra stitches do you need for cable?

Good rule of thumb is to increase half of the cable stitches so if you want to work cable over 6 stitches then increase 3 stitches from 3 border stitches. You can add stitches evenly on the last border row placing increases where the cable appear.

What does MD in knitting mean?

MD:(mitered decrease) Slip 2 sts tog as if to k2tog, k1, pass the 2 slipped st over. P:purl. pfb:purl front to back. pm:place marker (also the same as “sm: stitch marker”)

What does K0 mean in knitting?

In patterns that include various sizes, zeros are sometimes necessary. For example, k0 (0,1) means if you are making the smallest or middle size, you would do nothing, and if you are making the largest size, you would k1.

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What does YBK in knitting mean?

ybk is an abbreviation for yarn back. When you see this instruction, you will want to bring your working yarn from the front of the work to the back, making sure that it passes under the needle tips.

How many rows are in between cables?

Standard cables have the same number of plain rows between turning rows as there are stitches in the cable. If the cable is 6 stitches wide, for example, you work the turning row every 6 rows.

Does cable needle size matter?

Frequently cable needles come in a package with 2 or 3 sizes. It is best to use a cable needle close to the size of the needle you are using to knit your project. If a needle is too thin, the stitches may slide off as you are working your cable.

What does Cable 4 back mean?

The Cable Four Back (C4B)

The Cable Four Back is a traditional cable stitch. … The Cable Four Back uses the abbreviation C4B, the 4 standing for the four stitches involved in the completed cable. The B is for Back or behind, explaining where your cable needle will go when you are working to create the twist.