What is the importance of bundling garment pieces before sewing?

The purpose of bundle tickets is to: Monitor the progress of each specific garment, Ensure that all the correct parts are assembled together, and. Compensate operators for their work on each garment.

Which process is done after bundling?

Bundling Systems

Progressive bundling – pieces corresponding to specific sections of the garment (such as sleeves or a collar) are bundled together and given to one operator. Other operators sew other parts of the garment, which are then assembled into the finished garment in the final phase.

What is bundling and numbering in garment industry?

In sorting all component of a garment placed together. Size wise sorting and in case multiple colours are cut in a single lay, colour wise sorting will be required. Bundling: As per the production line requirement a certain number of pieces with all component are tied together. This process is known as bundling.

How do you sort and bundle the pieces of cut parts of a garments?

The simplest method of sorting cut parts/bundle is to separate and placed all components of a garments together. Size wise sorting and in case of multiple colors are cut in a single lay, color wise sorting are required.

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What is the correct process for making a garment?

Apparel manufacturing process involves Product Design, Fabric Selection and Inspection, Patternmaking, Grading, Marking, Spreading, Cutting, Bundling, Sewing, Pressing or Folding, Finishing and Detailing, Dyeing and Washing, QC etc.

What is the purpose of bundling?

Bundling was a method of allowing a young man and a young woman who were of marriageable age to continue courting into the late hours of the night, by courting in bed. Bundling offered a way for the couple to continue their conversation well into the night.

What is an example of bundling?

Bundling is a marketing tactic that involves offering two or more goods or services as a package deal for a discounted price. Examples of bundling are as widespread as McDonald’s value meals and automobiles with features such as air conditioning, sunroofs, and geographical systems.

What does bundling mean?

Bundling, or tarrying, is the traditional practice of wrapping two people in a bed together, usually as a part of courting behavior.

What is numbering in garments?

Layer numbering is one of the cutting room processes which is taken place after cutting a marker. In this process, each garment component is marked with a serial number of the layer in the cut. Normally the numbering code contains garment size (e.g. Small, Medium, Large), Marker number and layer sequence.

What is apparel sorting?

Sorting clothes allows you to use different wash cycles (delicate, normal, permanent press) and also allows for washing in different temperatures. Most importantly, sorting clothes decreases the chances that a garment is going to bleed onto another when you control the cycle type and water temperature.

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What are the methods of fabric cutting?

Automatic blade cutting

  • Automatic blade cutting.
  • Automated blade cutting machine is the most highly developed and widely used computerized cutting system. Numerically controlled knives cut multiple plies with great accuracy and speed. …
  • Laser cutting. …
  • Lesser-beam cutting. …
  • Water jet cutting. …
  • Die to cut.


How many types of cutting machines are there?

2) Semi-Automatic Cutting Machine:

Straight knife of Cutting Machine. Round Knife Cutting Machine. Band Knife Cutting Machine. Die Cutting Machine.

Why cutting is the most important operation in the cutting room?

Cutting room controls the utilization of fabric which is the biggest contributor to the cost of any garment. … Cutting being the first operation of garment manufacturing lays the foundation of quality of the garment to be made.

What is the purpose of preparing a garment?

It is the technical drawing or drafting of a garment. Standard size charts, dress forms or figure are measured, these measurements are then converted into 2D patterns and then garments are made from them. Pattern Making has become necessary for a Fashion designer to enable him to make different garments.

What is garment making processes?

Garment manufacturing is a sequential processes such as designing, sampling, laying, marking, cutting, stitching, checking, finishing, pressing and packaging etc. In this process, raw materials convert into finished products.

Which of these purposes does a garment label serve?

Answer: Garment labels provide the consumer with required information like the clothing’s origins, what materials were used to make the garment, and the garments care instructions.

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