What is LC in knitting?

In this cable, LC is an abbreviation for a “Left Cross”. In other words, the resulting cable will be slanting to the “left” each time it is worked. In order to achieve a “Left Cross”, the 3 stitches need to be held to the front of your work, as you knit the next three stitches on your left needle to your right needle.

What does RC and LC mean in knitting?

This video by Kelley Hobart from Alpaca Direct shows you how to knit a Left Cross (LC) and Right Cross (RC) to make stitch patterns for decorative patterns on your knitting without a cable needle.

What is 1c LC in knitting?

1/1 cable, are cables where one stitch is crossed in front of (or behind) another stitch.

What is 6 ST LC knitting?

A six-stitch left-twisting cable (abbreviated C6F) A six-stitch right-twisting cable (C6B) Slip 3 stitches to the cable needle and bring the cable needle with its 3 stitches to the proper position. Move the needle to the front of the work for C6F (top image) or to the back for C6B (bottom image).

What does CR mean in a knitting pattern?

“CL” means Cross Left and “CR” means Cross Right. Both are techniques done with 2 stitches. Sometimes, they are referred to as twisted stitches and abbreviated as “LT” (left twist) and “RT” (right twist). With CL or LT, you will be crossing the next stitch in front of the following stitch.

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What does LC mean in crochet?

Sometimes in your pattern you will come over the term “lc”. 1lc means one loose crochet (often referred to as chain), and all you have to do is drag the yarn through the hoop.

What does c6f mean?

Cable 6 Front (c6f):

Cable 6 front is worked over 6 stitches (that’s where the number 6 comes from). The cables lean to the left in the c6f stitch. Step 1: Slip 3 stitches (purl-wise) on to the cable needle. Step 2: Place cable needle in FRONT of your work (this is what the front in c6f means).

What does 3 3rc mean in knitting?

The 3 over 3 right cross is a six-stitch cable where there are two columns of three knit stitches. The left column of stitches crosses over the right column of stitches, creating a cable that slants upwards and to the right.

What does 2 2lc mean in knitting?

2/2 cable, are cables where two stitches cross in front of (or behind) two more stitches.

What does 2 1 RPC mean in knitting?

2/1 RPC: Slip 1 st to CN and hold in back, K2, then P1 from CN.