What does Wrap 1 mean in knitting terms?

Answer: WRAP1 is a new abbreviation that’s creeping into more and more patterns. It’s used when working turning rows to create depth in certain areas of your knitting, for instance on a shawl collar, or when you’re shaping. WRAP1 closes up the gap that would otherwise be created when you turn in the middle of the row.

What does wrap mean in knitting?

Wrap and turn (sometimes abbreviated as w and t) in knitting involves wrapping stitches with the working yarn, turning the work, and coming back to the wrapped stitches later.

What does 1×1 mean in knitting?

The 1×1 rib stitch is a series of knit and purls, matched row for row. To work 1×1 rib stitch over an even number of stitches, start with one knit stitch.

Why do you wrap and turn in knitting?

Basically, a Short Row is just that: a row that you don’t knit to the end of the needle. There are lots of ways to turn your work partway through a row, but our favorite is called a Wrap + Turn (wrp-t). This simple method prevents holes along the Short Rows and works well with many different stitch patterns.

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