What does LT mean in knitting?

What does RT and LT mean in knitting?

Today’s tutorial is on the Left Twist (LT) & Right Twist (RT) Stitches. These are great stitches that provides a faux cable look without the cable needles!

What is a left twist?

The left twist stitch is a mock cable. By knitting stitches out of order, a twist can be created in the fabric. … Just like other cable stitches, the left twist stitch can be stacked close together for a spiral effect, or spaced further apart for a traditional cable look.

What does RT in knitting mean?

The right twist stitch is a mock cable technique that allows you to simulate a cable without the use of a cable needle. Also known as: mock cable. Abbreviation: RT.

What is LPT in knitting?

Like the Left Twist, the Left Purl Twist stitch creates a mock cable, crossing one stitch over the stitch to its left. With the LPT, however, the stitch in back is purled. Now you can purl the new first stitch, then knit the second. …

What does c1 over 2 left mean in knitting?

About. The 1 over 2 left cross is a three-stitch cable where there is one column of one knit stitch and one column of two knit stitches. The right knit stitch crosses over the column of two knit stitches, creating a cable that slants upwards and to the left.

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What does Cr2L mean in knitting?

Cr2L – Purl into back of second stitch on left needle, then knit into front of first stitch, slipping both off the needle together.