How do you store nickel plated knitting needles?

To keep needles undamaged, use them for knitting ONLY (and not to open a wine bottle, poke holes in packaging, or help reach something from a high shelf.) 7. Shine on. If nickel-plated or electroplated brass needles start to tarnish, use a microfiber cloth to polish them back to their original shine.

How do you clean nickel-plated knitting needles?

More on Nickel-Plated Needles

  1. Polish with a microfiber cloth. (Some suggest a jeweler’s cloth– usually for cleaning sterling silver jewelry.) If that’s not enough…
  2. Polish with vinegar on a soft cloth. (Someone else suggests a damp cloth and baking soda or toothpaste and a cotton cloth.) …
  3. Clean/polish with something stronger. (WD40?


How do you store knitting needles?

Use a notebook for holding extras and for keeping pesky circular needles out of the way. Keep the needles in plastic insert sheet holders, and put hook-and-loop tabs across the top to hold them closed. Put the needles into zip top bags.

How do you make plastic knitting needles slippery?

Conversely, if your needles are getting too slippery, put on clean rubber dishwashing gloves and massage the needles a little, then drag each needle between your pinched thumb and forefinger–no water, just drag the needles between the pinched, dry glove.

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Why do knitting needles get sticky?

Once both are absolutely clean and dry feel the needles. … Plastic needles sometimes have mold lines, wood needles can splinter, and metal ones get bent. Some are also “gripy-er” than others, especially once you throw different yarns into the mix. In my experience, metal needles allow the most slip.

How do you get stains out of knitting needles?

Some people use lemon oil or carnauba wax, but this then leaves the needles slippy and it will happen again. I would recommend instead of rubbing alcohol to try just a small bit of soap in water on a paper towel and see if it helps.

How do you organize yarn and knitting needles?

Keep Double-Pointed Needles (DPN) Together

Here are some of my favorite ideas: Use rubber bands to keep DPNs together – tuck a piece of paper inside the rubber band as a label. Store DPNs in mason jars that are sorted by their size. Use labeled pencil boxes to store DPNs.

How do you sew a knitting needle holder?

Knitting Needle Case – Tutorial

  1. Cut out your fabric pieces. …
  2. With right sides together, stitch the flap along both the short sides and one of the long sides. …
  3. Finish off the top edge of of the two inside pockets. …
  4. Place the back pocket on top of the plain backing cloth with right sides facing upwards.


What kind of knitting needles should I use?

Medium sizes are generally the best for beginners. This means you should look for a width size of six (4mm), seven (4.5mm), or eight (5mm). For length, a 10-inch needle is usually a good starter size because they’ll be small enough to handle easily.

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Do knitting needles wear out?

If they snag your yarn or the flaking might come off I’d say toss them. I have a lot of older metal needles and while the coloring on the tips may have worn off a little, none to the point where they snag the yarn. For bamboo needles, you can take some fine sandpaper and smooth out the tips.

How do you wash knitting needles?

However, it is a good idea to clean and moisturize your wooden needles a couple of times in a year. For this, clean your needles with a clean, dry muslin or paper towel, then apply a very thin layer of natural bees wax. Allow it to dry and then buff it with soft muslin or chamois cloth.

Can you sharpen metal knitting needles?

I wouldn’t recommend doing the sharpening of your metal knitting needles yourself. Videos online show people smoothing down the points with a small buffer on an electric drill.

Who makes the best knitting needles?

Best knitting needles in 2020

  • Addi Addilinos – Best knitting needles for beginners.
  • Milward Double Point – Best double-pointed needles.
  • Clover Takumi – Best bamboo knitting needles.
  • HiyaHiya Circular – Best circular knitting needles.
  • KnitPro Symfonie – Best interchangeable needles.
  • Addi Lace – Best needles for lace knitting.


Can knitting needles be sharpened?

I like my knitting needles very sharp, and the factory default for most wooden and bamboo doesn’t suit me very well. DH has taken sandpaper to my needles that could be sharpened. … Some people won’t want them that sharp, but you can adjust the tip to suit your personal knitting taste.

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