How do you cast off last stitch Purlwise?

How do you do a super stretchy bind off?

How to Work Jeny’s Stretchy Bind-off

  1. Yarn over backward (bring yarn from back to front over right needle), then knit 1.
  2. On your right needle, pull stitches 2 and 3 over stitch 1; one stitch bound off, one stitch on right needle.
  3. Repeat. Repeats Steps 1 and 2 as established until all stitches are bound off.

How do you cast off without tightening?

Recap: To sum up, the ways to fix a too-tight bind-off are:

  1. Tension your yarn better.
  2. Get control of your stitches.
  3. Slide them down the needle.
  4. Try a bigger needle, and.
  5. Pick a stretchier bind-off.


How much yarn do I need for a stretchy bind off?

If you’re planning on a stretchy bind off, you will need more yarn. I generally estimate for every stitch I need to bind off, I will need approximately 6 stitches worth of yarn, but I think that’s a very high estimate.

Is i cord binding stretchy?

I-Cord Bind-Off – Very stretchy and adds a tubular edging to your fabric. Great for blankets, especially if you used an i-cord cast-on. It’s a time-consuming bind-off, but offers as much stretch as the fabric you’re binding off as well as a very neat edge.

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