How do you attach a collar to sewing?

Attach the collar stand to the shirt neck edge, matching dots and notches. You may need to clip the seam allowance on the shirt as shown above. Be careful to match at the end points so the end of the collar stand lines up with the edge of the shirt front. Sew the collar stand to the shirt.

What stitch is used to finish a collar on a shirt?

Sew a straight stitch along the raw edges of the collar and neckline. After you finish pinning the collar in place, take the shirt and collar to your sewing machine and sew a straight stitch along the raw edges. Position the stitch about 0.5 in (1.3 cm) from the raw edges of the collar and neckline.

How do you finish a neckband?

How To Finish a Neckband On The Inside

  1. Measure the inside of your back neckband from shoulder seam to shoulder seam and add 0.5”.
  2. Cut out the strap; the length you just measured and width 1′
  3. Fold the strap 1/4” in at both sides and pin the strap with right side to the seam allowance from the neck band. …
  4. Sew on the strap by using your favorite stretch stitch.


How do I make my neckline smaller?

Make the neckline smaller with an additional piece of fabric

Sew a piece of matching or contrast fabric around the neckline to make it smaller. What I like to do is cut a square of fabric, fold it in half vertically and attach it with a seam along the neckline. This fix is good for necklines that are really wide.

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What are the types of collar?

Types of Collars

  • Bertha Collar. This is a large, round collar that lies flat. …
  • Bib Collar (Dickie) This is a false collar that can be stitched into the low-cut front of a garment. …
  • Bow Tie Collar. A bow collar has long pieces to tie as a bow. …
  • Cascade collar. …
  • Chelsea Collar. …
  • Convertible Collar. …
  • Cowl Collar. …
  • Crew Collar.