Frequent question: What does T3F mean in knitting?

Insert the straight end of the cable needle into the next two stitches that you would knit with your knitting needles.

What is T3F?

K1TBL – knit 1 stitch through the back loop. P – purl stitches {P2 means to purl 2 stitches} … T3F – twist 3 front – slip 2 STS onto cable needle and hold it in the front of your work, purl the next stitch off your left hand needle and then knit the 2 STS off your cable needle.

What is TW3 in knitting?

Twist 3 (TW3) – Knit Purl Hunter.

What do the abbreviations means in knitting?

alt: Alternate – worked on every other row or stitch. beg: Begin or beginning – to start as specified or position to be worked at or from, measured from or marked. cont: Continue – carry on working. dec: Decrease or decreasing – by working 2 or more stitches together.

What does FB mean in a knitting pattern?

Knitting in the front and back of the same stitch is one way to increase the row by one stitch. In this video we will show you how to increase a stitch using the knit front back method. This technique is used in the Freya Fingerless Gloves Knitting Kit and the Bisous Cardigan Knitting Kit.

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