Can you knit without looking?

Remember: There are no rules for knitting without looking. … I’ll knit without looking for a few minutes, then I’ll watch my knitting. I switch back and forth, feeling the motion of the yarn and needles. If you’re feeling unsure of yourself, don’t be afraid to look down.

Can you crochet without looking?

You may be asking if it is possible to crochet without looking. Yes, it is totally possible. … Once you get the hang of moving your hook through your yarn, you will be surprised that you can already crochet without looking.

Can people knit without looking?

it takes a little time until you can knit at any kind of speed without looking. it’s kind of like learning to ride a bike. at first you really just want to keep your eyes on your tires.

How do you knit without watching?

Try to watch tv without looking at your knitting , and try to do it fir longer each time. You’ll get there in no time. Practice, practice, practice. Take your eyes off the work for half a stitch, slowly increase time.

Is it rude to knit in public?

Because there certainly is no rule that tells us if knitting in public is considered rude or perfectly reasonable. … Just because knitting is a solitary activity — some practitioners might even argue that it’s mindless — doesn’t mean that it’s free game.

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Why is my crochet blanket not straight?

The most obvious, and most common, reason that people fail to crochet straight edges is because they are putting too many or too few stitches into the row. Make sure that you count your stitches as you go and that they always add up to the correct number.

Why are my granny squares curling?

Stitches that are worked too tightly together result in a stiff fabric, which often causes the corners to curl in. To fix this problem, try stretching the fabric. That just might loosen up the stitches and allow the piece to lie flat. … One way to prevent curled corners is by simply loosening your stitches.

Can you knit in public?

Knitting can be easily added to most public spaces, like public transport, sports games, airplanes, the cinema, the beach, cafes, bars, libraries, waiting rooms, the hairdresser, and lecture theatres (although I never had Nabokov as my professor).