Your question: Does bobbin thread have to be the same color?

You can use whatever color you want, but you don’t need to change color to match the top thread. Your bobbin thread should not show through the top layer of stitching. … Your bobbin thread should not show through the top layer of stitching. It will only be seen on the back of the item.

What color should the thread on the bobbin be?

The majority of people stick with white or black as most designs are either light or dark they are working on. You want to make sure to match up the light bobbin thread with the light fabric and the dark bobbin thread with the darker fabric projects.

Can you use the same thread for bobbin?

Bobbin thread is a lightweight thread. … Although it is called bobbin thread, it is not the thread that is always used in a bobbin. Most sewing will use the same thread in the upper threading and the bobbin of a sewing machine.

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Is bobbin thread different than regular thread?

Thread Weight

The bobbin thread is much thinner, shinier, and lighter in weight than regular threads (which can be used for the top thread). It is less utilized on the bobbin and performs other functions such as machine basting.

Why is it necessary to match the color of the thread with the color of the cloth?

A darker color will blend into a seam better than a lighter color and seem to match in a much better way than a lighter color. … You can make your topstitching stand out or pop by using one color in the fabric or a contrasting color.

Should thread be lighter or darker than fabric?

Your sewing thread should be darker than the fabric. The darker thread will blend in with your fabric more easily versus lighter colors that will stick out. You should always go with the darker thread when given the option, and some colors will go better together than others.

What is the best bobbin thread?

1. Superior Threads Bottom Line Polyester Thread. Lint-free and smooth, this 60-weight two-ply polyester filament thread comes on an extra-large 3,000-yard spool. Perfect for bobbin thread, binding, embroidery, quilting, and appliqué.

Do you have to use the bottom bobbin?

Can you use a sewing machine without a bobbin? You can’t sew without a bobbin, as the machine requires two spools in order to operate properly. Therefore, you will need to add the bobbin thread in addition to your needle thread.

How do you tell if your bobbin tension is off?

The thread should unwind just slightly and the bobbin case should drop an inch or two. If the thread unwinds without resistance and the case slips to the floor, your bobbin tension is too loose. If the bobbin case doesn’t budge, your bobbin tension is too tight.

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What do you do with extra bobbin thread?

How to Fix Bobbin Thread Bunching and Other Threading Problems

  1. Thread the Machine Properly. Re-thread the upper part of the sewing machine making sure the thread is passing through every single thread guide on its way to the needle. …
  2. Change the Needle. …
  3. Inspect the Bobbin. …
  4. Clean the Machine.


Is the bobbin thread the bottom thread?

Match the bobbin thread as closely as you can to the fabric on the underside of your project. … If there is great contrast between the top and bottom fabrics (as seen in my example) some of the darker thread will still be visible on the underside but it will be a lot more subtle.

Is Threadart good thread?

The good: The threads are incredibly soft and silky to the touch. The colors are gorgeous! Even on the muslin I’ve tested out the machine on, the colors really pop and are just breathtaking. They shine in the light.

Why is my bobbin thread not catching?

If it is not in the correct position, the needle will not go down and pick-up your bobbin thread. … Also, make sure your bobbin is in correctly (not backwards) and that the upper tension disks of your machine are threaded correctly. Make sure the presser foot is up when seating the thread through the upper tension.

What do you do if you don’t have matching thread?

If none of the available thread colors match your fabric perfectly, choose the closest match that is a shade darker.

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What thread colors do I need?

Therefore, all you need is a thread that comes close in value (darkness or lightness) to the color of the fabric. Gray and beige in middle tones are ideal for a gamut of colors. Use gray for cooler colors and beige for warmer hues. On dark-colored fabric, black, brown, and navy blend in well.