You asked: How do you make a pillow out of old clothes?

How do you make a soft pillow out of old clothes?

Stuff the pillow.

  1. Pull apart and fluff softer stuffing materials such as cotton or down. …
  2. Begin stuffing with small portions into the corner of the pillow farthest from the opening. …
  3. Stuff the following corners in the same fashion. …
  4. Keep an eye on the outside of the pillow as you stuff.

How do you make throw pillows out of old pillows?

How to Turn a Bed Pillow into Throw Pillows

  1. Measure your pillow and cut it right down the center with your scissors. …
  2. Push the stuffing down into the pillows as far as you can get it, and use pins to hold it in place. …
  3. Turn the cut edges of the pillow cases inside about 1/4-1/2 inch and pin them together.

How do you wash and reuse pillow stuffing?

Always wash and dry your old pillows before recycling or repurposing them. * I recommend washing them in warm or hot water, add 1/2 cup of white vinegar instead of chlorine bleach for whiteness, and wash and rinse on a normal cycle. You can then dry them using low to medium heat.

How do you stuff a pillow without lumps?

  1. Turn the pillow fabric right side out. …
  2. Pull out a small handful of polyester fiberfill.
  3. Tease it apart into a fluffy cloud to eliminate clumping.
  4. Push the fiberfill into the pillow, shoving it into the far corners of the pilow.
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How can I reuse old clothes?

27 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Clothing

  1. T-Shirt Comforter Turn your old t-shirts into a blanket.
  2. Shirt Pillow Case Turn old shirts into a pillowcase. …
  3. Shirt Coin Purse Make a small coin purse or wallet using an old shirt.
  4. Shirt Tote Bag Make a tote bag. …
  5. DIY Draft stopper Use old jeans to stop drafts and save energy in your home.


How do I make my pillow Fluffy?

A tennis ball or two, tied in a clean pillowcase, perks up a flattened pillow made from polyester or fiberfill. Place the pillow and the knotted pillowcase into a dryer set to low heat and tumble them together, checking after 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the materials once the pillows are as fluffy as you’d like.

What do you use to make a pillow?

Things You’ll Need

  1. Polyester stuffing or pillow form.
  2. Fabric.
  3. Matching thread.
  4. Needle or sewing machine.
  5. Fabric scissors.
  6. Sewing pins.