Why does the Little Seamstress leave Phoenix Mountain?

Why does the Seamstress leave at the end of the novel? The Little Seamstress explains that she leaves because she learned about the power of a woman’s beauty. One could understand the sentiment as superficial: she wishes to exploit her beauty in the city.

How did Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress end?

It is telling that the narrator chooses to end his story here. He does not tell us how he and Luo survived re-education, because re-education is not his story’s subject. Instead, ending the story here suggests that the narrator wished to explore the simultaneous beauty and sadness of education and individualism.

What surprised the narrator when he and Luo went to see The Little Seamstress Why was disappointed?

When the Little Seamstress tells Luo and the narrator that she doesn’t read or write much, it seems likely that she is lying and doesn’t write at all. Therefore, the pair are likely both surprised when the Little Seamstress’s letter to Luo arrives.

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How did the little seamstress change?

In the months after her abortion, the Little Seamstress uses what she learns from Balzac’s novels to transform herself into a stylish city girl: she cuts her hair into a bob, adopts a Chengdu accent, and makes herself a bra.

What does the violin symbolize in Little Chinese Seamstress?

The Violin

The narrator’s violin is a symbol of the power of storytelling and also of the way out of reeducation. … Later, when Luo meets the tailor, the man has heard of him because of his violin and shouts, “Wy-o-lin!” He knows the music is beautiful and valued.

Why did Luo punch the narrator?

These chapters begin the theme of friendship. The narrator describes Luo as “the best friend I ever had.” Although Luo punched the narrator, it was because he was upset that the narrator saw his father be humiliated, rather than because of something the narrator did.

Why did Luo burn the books?

The boys burn the books because the books lead the Little Seamstress to leave influencing her strongly. So they might not want to read those books anymore. Also, they used to read books to her so they do not want to keep the books because they would remind her when they read the books.

What happens the night Luo and the narrator take a copy of Balzac’s novel home?

That night, the narrator sees her furtively kiss Luo. … The narrator and Luo help him in exchange for a copy of Honoré de Balzac’s short novel Ursule Mirouët. After reading the novel, Luo retells the story to the Seamstress, and they have sex for the first time.

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What does Luo hope to accomplish by continuing to read to the little seamstress Why is this ironic?

What does Luo hope to accomplish by continuing to read to the Little Seamstress? Why is this ironic? To fall in love and this is ironic because the story is about love and he wants to civilize her.

Why is the narrator surprised when Luo says the narrator will play a Mozart sonata?

The headman passes the violin back to the narrator as Luo explains that the narrator is going to play a Mozart sonata. … However, the fact that the narrator and Luo are considered intellectuals is ironic, given that they’ve only completed middle school by the time they’re sent to the mountain in 1971.

Does the narrator like the Little Seamstress?

the narrator

He falls in love with the Little Seamstress but never acts on it, and is transformed by the power of literature. In some translations of the novel and in the film adaptation, the character’s name is identified as Ma.

How old is the Little Chinese Seamstress?

Publication history

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress has been translated from the original French. The novel was first published in France in the French language” in 2000, and since then, rights of the book have been sold in nineteen countries.

Is Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (simplified Chinese: 巴尔扎克与小裁缝; traditional Chinese: 巴爾扎克與小裁縫; French: Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse Chinoise) is a 2002 Franco-Chinese romance drama film with dialogue in the Sichuan dialect directed by Dai Sijie and starring Zhou Xun, Chen Kun and Liu Ye.

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What does red symbolize in Little Chinese Seamstress?

Red has a negative connotation in the novel. The color of communist China is red. It symbolizes the government.

What is the message of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie is a literarily rich novel that explores the themes of love, coming of age, reading, education, censorship and beauty through the story of three teenagers, two boys and one girl, affected by China’s Cultural Revolution.