Where can I donate sewing patterns?

What can I do with old sewing patterns?

You can use torn, unreadable, or incomplete patterns to make many different art and craft projects. Try using them as wrapping paper, making them into a paper flower bouquet, or creating various decoupage pieces.

Are old sewing patterns worth any money?

On the other hand, well-used patterns can still be valuable and usable. If the design is fantastic, unusual or rare, condition may not be as important. However, poor condition and incompleteness do affect value, so pay accordingly. And for an ordinary design, it might be better to wait for a copy in better condition.

Where can I sell my sewing patterns?

Where to Sell Sewing Patterns Online

  • Etsy. Etsy is a site you’re probably already very familiar with seeing as how it’s insanely popular. …
  • Craftsy. Craftsy is a very popular website for crafters. …
  • You Can Make This. …
  • PatternFish. …
  • Reader Mentions.


What can I sew to donate?

Popular Sewn and Fabric Items for Donating

  • COVID-19/Hospital Items. Fabric masks/clear masks. Scrubs (hats, shirts, pants) …
  • Blankets. Lapghans. …
  • Hats. Baby hats. …
  • Baby and Children’s Items (additional) Bibs. …
  • Shawls/Scarves. Prayer shawls. …
  • Clothing (additional) Preemie/newborn/baby clothing. …
  • Pet Items. Beds. …
  • Kitchen Items. Oven mitts.
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Are old Mccall’s patterns worth anything?

And this Nina Ricci pattern sold for $192.50. So in summary, if your pattern is old, rare, in good condition and has a designer name attached, it may be worth a pretty penny.

Can you make money selling sewing patterns?

Selling sewing patterns is definitely not a get-rich-quick method that will solve all your reselling dilemmas. But patterns are a nice bread and butter type item that can be readily found, usually at an economical price and will sell with enough time. That seems to be the story of most of the niches I’ve settled into.

How can I sell my old sewing patterns?

Here are some of the best online markets for selling old sewing patterns:

  1. Etsy: Etsy is an online marketplace centered around artisan crafts, but they also have sales categories for vintage items and patterns. …
  2. SheepBuy: SheepBuy is an online marketplace that has no selling or hidden fees.


Who are the big 4 pattern companies?

Our Font of All Sewing Knowledge Barbara laments that the Big Four sewing pattern companies (Vogue, Butterick, McCall’s, and Simplicity) aren’t what they once were.

How much does pattern cost?

Through Pattern, you can list products that typically don’t fall under allowed products for regular Etsy shops, which is a major draw for many Etsy sellers. The platform costs $15 a month after a 30-day free trial—additional Etsy fees and costs not included.

How much does it cost to mail a sewing pattern?

The average cost to ship a pattern is aprox $1.93… Amazon also charges a 0.07 convenience fee or whatever they call it.

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Can I sell a quilt made from a pattern?

Therefore once you purchase a pattern you are legally entitled to make a product from the pattern put it in a show or sell it of your own volition. No permission is legally required from the pattern designer.