What is the best way to store sewing patterns?

Another sewing pattern storage idea is to use large plastic bags. This is a good option for the sewing patterns that you’re using right now. Take a 1 or 2 gallon ziploc bag and fill it with your sewing pattern, and everything you need to make that project.

How do you store sewing patterns?

Sewing Pattern Storage – 8 WAYS to store patterns

  1. Idea #1: Magazine holders.
  2. Idea #2: Ring binders with clear plastic inserts.
  3. Idea #3: Large Envelopes in a Tub.
  4. Idea #4: Ziplock bags.
  5. Idea #5: Pattern makers hooks.
  6. Idea #6: Cardboard Folders or Envelopes.
  7. Idea #7: Pants hangers.
  8. Idea #8: Concertina files.


How do you store vintage sewing patterns?

Let me tell you a little known, inexpensive secret to safely storing your patterns: use comic book sleeves and comic book backing boards, both are archival quality (acid-free). You want to purchase the 6-7/8″ x 10-1/2″ poly-sleeves and the 7″ x 10-1/2″ backing boards.

How do you sew a pattern without cutting it?

The best way to use a sewing pattern without cutting it is to trace the pattern. You can do this by laying out the pattern onto a table and placing a sheet of paper over the top. By tracing the pattern you can create the size you would like to make.

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How do you organize quilt patterns?

Bins are a popular way to store patterns – either plastic or cardboard bins. I used to have some cardboard bins that were perfect for sewing patterns. But they got damp and fell apart. Another way is to store them in hanging files in a file cabinet.

How do you store A0 patterns?

Rolling uncut A0 (large format) patterns.

Label your pattern so you can easily identify it with tags and tie them onto the rubber band. Just arrange them in a basket or unused bin and pop them in the corner of your room. They can look very stylish too!

How do you organize sewing patterns in Evernote?

Just drag a whole category together and Evernote will create a separate note for each image. The name that you gave the image will appear as the name of the note. Later, if you want to see all of your Vogue patterns just type Vogue in the search field and all of the patterns will appear (see above).

What can I do with vintage sewing patterns?

Crafting with Vintage Patterns

You can use torn, unreadable, or incomplete patterns to make many different art and craft projects. Try using them as wrapping paper, making them into a paper flower bouquet, or creating various decoupage pieces.

How do you preserve paper patterns?

Lay parchment paper (or saved paper from the fusible web) on top of the pattern pieces and press the pieces to the interfacing, keeping everything flat and smooth as you iron. Cut out the pattern pieces and repress them to make sure all of the fusing has taken and the pieces are firmly fused together.

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