What bobbins does the brother CS6000i use?

This machine uses SA156 bobbins which are class 15 type bobbins.

What size bobbin does a Brother sewing machine use?

Brother SA156 Class 15 Plastic 7/16″H Bobbins – 10 Pack

Genuine Brother accessory. High quality clear plastic bobbins. 7/16 inch deep. Security notch for consistent bobbin thread winding.

Are class 15 bobbins the same as SA156?

SA156 vs Class 15

While the two bobbins are the same class, Brother has confirmed this, not all Class 15 bobbins will fit in your bobbin area if it is different from the SA 156. … That is close to the 11.7 mm size the brother machine needs. You just have to be careful before you buy as the smaller size may not work.

Does Brother cs6000i have a quick set bobbin?

The newer Brother sewing machines feature quick-set, top-drop bobbins, which are simple to install. Turn the power off on your machine and raise the needle to its highest position. Do this using the needle up button on computerized machines or turning the handwheel towards you. Raise the presser foot also.

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Is brother cs6000i discontinued?

Brother CS6000 is model is not discontinued, instead, the company has decided to launch a newer model with more features.

Can I use metal bobbins in My Brother sewing machine?

Plastic bobbins and metal bobbins of the same size can NOT be swapped. Machines are set for a very precise tension setting. If they are set for a lighter plastic bobbin, the tension will change if a heavier metal bobbin is used.

Are metal bobbins better than plastic?

Unfortunately, you should not do that. The rule of thumb for bobbins is that metal ones are for metal bobbin cases and plastic ones are for plastic bobbin cases. If you try to place a metal bobbin in a plastic bobbin case you may see that the bobbin case wears out a lot faster than it is supposed to.

Do all sewing machines use the same bobbins?

There is no such thing as a universal bobbin, meaning no single bobbin will fit every sewing machine. Some sewing machines tolerate a slightly different bobbin better than others, but using the incorrect bobbin will most likely affect the stitch quality of your project, and could result in damage to your machine.

What are Class L bobbins?

Style L bobbins are typically used with home sewing embroidery and small commercial sewing machines. Style L is the most common bobbin style used in home sewing machines. Thinner thread sizes, like Tex 16 are normally used for embroidery.

What size is a Class 15 bobbin?

The Class 15 (A Style) Bobbin:

The Class 15 is about the size of an American nickel. Its diameter measures approximately 20.3 mm and has a width of approximately 11.7 mm.

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Is the brother CS6000i a good sewing machine?

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine comes with a host of stitches, is very easy to use, and is reasonably priced. Many owners feel it provides great value for the money and is an excellent machine for beginners. It is also quite capable on both thin and thick fabrics.

Does the brother CS6000i have a foot pedal?

Yes, the brother cs6000i computerized sewing machine comes with a foot control pedal, and it works fine. If you just want a break from using your foot. Just switch to the three-speed setting.

Why was the brother PE770 discontinued?

PE770 has been discontinued to pave the way for PE800, a newer and more technologically advanced model, yet, the differences can’t be noticed at a glance. They have different LCD touchscreens and different shapes.

Which is better brother CS6000i vs CS7000i?

The main difference between Brother CS6000i & Bother CS7000i sewing machines is build-in stitches. While the Brother CS6000i sewing machine has 60 built-in stitches, the newer model has 10 extra options. Means, Brother CS7000i sewing machine comes with 70 built-in stitches.

How much is a Brother sewing machine worth?

Brother does not want to alienate its customers so it does make some economical models around $200 to 300. If you are looking for a vintage or used Brother sewing machine, you may find that many models hold their value somewhat. eBay has a few in the $150 to $250 range with a couple going over $300.