Quick Answer: What is a good length for a knitted scarf?

Traditionally, a scarf goes tip to tip. To do this, try holding your arms out so that the scarf reaches from your left finger across to your right one. On average, this scarf will be about 60″ long. Most short scarves are 55″ long, medium scarves are roughly 70″ extended, and long scarves are about 82″ in length.

What is the best width for a knitted scarf?

The width of the scarf is your choice. Most scarves are between 6 and 8 inches. Yours can be skinnier or wider. There is no right or wrong.

What is the average length and width of a scarf?

If you averaged all the scarf projects in Handwoven (most of these would fall into the decorative accessory category), I bet the average width would be 8″, the average scarf length about 65″, and the average fringe length about 6″.

Can a scarf be too long?

IMO they can be too long. If it’s made out of very thin yarn then it could wrapped a few more times I suppose. At it really comes down to who it’s for. A tall man might like it longer, but a shorter woman may not like it that long or not like having that much bulk around her neck.

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How wide should a women’s knitted scarf be?

If you hold out your arms the scarf should reach from your left finger tip across to your right. This averages about 60”. A men’s scarf is typically about 6” wide, whereas, a women’s scarf width has more flexibility. A narrow scarf can be knit just 5” wide or a dramatic wider scarf up to 10”.

How many stitches do I need for a wide scarf?

Cast on 12 stitches. This will give you a scarf that’s almost 5 inches wide, but you can alter the number of stitches for a wider or narrower scarf. There are a many different ways to cast-on. Try the long-tail cast-on or simple wrap cast on.

How many balls of wool do you need to knit a scarf?

You may need approx. 5 or 6 50g balls of wool to make your scarf. You can choose any colour wool, even a multicolour wool.

How big should a blanket scarf be?

Traditional blanket scarfs are usually right around 50″ square, so if you want to go that route, make sure to find 60″ wide flannel. I personally have no problem with making scarves from narrower fabric—the end result is about 41″ wide—even on my big and tall frame, the scarf still looks large enough.

What size should a head scarf be?

These are the easiest to work with for the greatest variety of hairdos, but make sure you’ve selected a scarf that’s big enough for your chosen style. If you want it to cover all or most of your head, it should be at least 28 by 28 inches.

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How many rows should a scarf be?

To knit a scarf, start by casting on 40 stitches on your needles and knit for 12 rows.

How do you style an oversized scarf?

Place your scarf over the back of your neck and loop round once, so that each end is hanging evenly over the front of your shoulders. As the scarf is oversized you’ll have lot’s of fabric to work with, so loosen the wrap around your neck a little to allow some breathing space.

How do you wear an extra long scarf?

Loosely twist a long scarf into a soft rope before wrapping. Center the scarf high in front of your neck right beneath your chin, and bring the ends back to cross at the nape and then forward again before making a soft knot. Tuck the ends into the neckline of your top — like Isabella Rossellini — or let them show.

How many stitches do you need to crochet a scarf?

Chain 34 stitches.

To make a medium width scarf with medium worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook, begin by chaining 34 stitches.

What Stitch is best for a scarf?

The 2×2 Rib Stitch is a bit thicker and is great for knitting scarves, hats, blankets, and more! This 2-Row Repeat Pattern is perfect to knit up a chunky scarf.

What is the best length for an infinity scarf?

According to the first chart, you’ll want to knit your infinity scarf for approximately 50-60″ (or 127-152.4 cm) before binding off, and you’ll want to only cast on as many stitches as to make your scarf ‘skinny,’ or about 3-4″ (7.6-10.16 cm) worth.

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