Quick Answer: What are the proper order of threading the upper part of the sewing machine?

Order of threading in the upper parts: 1. Spool pin 2. Thread Guide 3. Between metal disc of tension 4.

What is the correct sequence of threading the upper part of the sewing machine?

To set up the upper thread for your machine, first place a spool of thread on your machine’s thread pin (also called a spool pin or spool holder). Thread through the thread guide. Pull the thread to the left of your machine and thread it through the thread guide. Pull the thread through the U-shaped guide.

What are the parts of sewing machine included when threading the upper part?

There are two tension adjustments on the sewing machine the upper and the lower. The upper tension controls the thread from the needle, while the lower tension controls the thread from the bobbin case. … Thin materials require a short stitch, a light thread, a fine needle, and a tight tension.

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How do you arrange the threads for stitching?

6 Fresh Ways to Organize Your Thread Stash

  1. First, Separate Thread by Usage. You probably have machine sewing threads, hand sewing threads, hand quilting threads and embroidery threads. …
  2. Next, Separate by Fiber Type. …
  3. Then, Separate by How the Thread is Wound. …
  4. Finally, Color. …
  5. In a Drawer. …
  6. On a Thread Stand. …
  7. Wall-Mounted Rack. …
  8. Bobbin Keepers.


What are the first 4 steps in the correct order of threading the upper part in a lockstitch sewing machine?

Order of threading in the upper parts: 1. Spool pin 2. Thread Guide 3. Between metal disc of tension 4.

Do you need upper and lower thread to sew?

Sewing machines need an upper and a lower thread to form the stitches. The lower thread is kept in a small bobbin stored underneath the presser foot. … If that’s not your case, you’re going to have to pull the end of the thread through the little pinhole on top of the bobbin.

Why is the top thread breaking on my sewing machine?

The upper thread tension could be set too tight. Set the tension to the best thread tension setting or less. Make sure the spool of thread is installed correctly using the correct size spool cap for the size of spool. … Check that the bobbin is wound so that it about 80% full and that the thread is evenly wound.

Why does my sewing machine keep jamming?

1 5 Reasons Why Your Sewing Machine Keeps Jamming: 1.1 Lack of tension on the upper thread. 1.2 Your machine is clogged at some point or place. 1.3 The needle is deformed or broken.

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What are the upper and lower parts of sewing machine?

Sewing machines can be divided into two main parts. The upper part of a sewing machine has Bed, Arm and Head. The lower part of a sewing machine contains legs, Treadle, Dress guard, Belt Guide, Band wheel, Belt Shifter, Pitman rod and Band wheel crank.

What are the 3 upper parts of lockstitch sewing machine?

The upper part contains of Head, Arm and Bed. The lower part contains of Band Wheel, Band Wheel Crank, Pitman Rod, Belt Guide, Belt Shifter, Dress Guard, Treadle, Legs. 6.

What is the main part of sewing machine?

Below, we’ve called out the main parts to identify: Spool pin: Holds a spool of thread. Bobbin winder spindle: Bobbin is placed here during winding. Bobbin winder stopper: Stops winding the bobbin when it reaches capacity.

How do you organize bobbins and threads?

Idea #1: Place tiny scrunchies from the dollar store around the bobbins to keep stray tails from tangling. Idea #2: Use ice cube trays to organize your bobbins. They are stackable and fit easily into a shelving space or drawer. Idea #3: Purchase a ready-made bobbin holder.

How do you take good care of thread?

Avoid placing your thread where it will get direct sunlight. The sunlight will fade the color of your thread and weaken the fibers of it. You want to make sure that you are not storing your thread in a damp room.