Quick Answer: How old is my Bernina sewing machine?

To find out how old your Bernina sewing machine is, all you have to do is look at the model number. The four-digit model numbers start around the 1980s and on up. The three-digit model numbers ended in the mid-80s and go back to the 1950s, except for the Activa 100 and 200 series.

How do you read a Bernina serial number?

Bernina started using the serial number to indicate manufacture date in the 70s, and the first digit indicates the DECADE (1=70s, 2=80s, 3=90s, 4=00s, 5=10s). The second number indicates the year within the decade.

Where is serial number on Bernina Sewing Machine?

You will find the serial number on the back of your machine.

How much is an old Bernina sewing machine worth?

You might be able to get up to $250 for the 810 if it has lots of accessories.

When was the Bernina 1001 made?

We have a number of MADE IN SWITZERLAND vintage Bernina 1001 Mechanical (1992) sewing machines that we will be putting up for sale. The Bernina 1001 is a mechanical (no computer motherboards, etc) workhorse machine with full metal chasis body and is very stable when sewing.

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How old is a Bernina 830?

Today we’ll be looking at the next incarnation in the Bernina x30 series, the ever-popular, 830. This workhorse holds an 11 year ‘record’ for being Bernina’s top of the line offering between 1971 to 1982. Now that’s a long time!

When was the Bernina Artista 180 made?

In 1998, the first BERNINA computerized sewing machine, the artista 180 was introduced. This was the first sewing machine to have machine embroidery capabilities, bringing with it so many wonderful and new creative possibilities.

When did the Bernina 830 come out?


In 2008, the company introduced the revolutionary BERNINA 830 , a machine designed to change the home sewing industry. To learn more and to find a dealer, visit www.berninausa.com or call +1-630-978 25 00.

What year was Bernina 730 made?

In 1963, the first Bernina sewing machine with a patented knee-activated presser foot lifter, the 730, appeared on the market. From 1963 onwards, the subsequent model, the 730, was produced, and in the same year, the millionth Bernina sewing machine was manufactured.

Why is Bernina so expensive?

Why are Bernina Sewing Machines So Expensive

One of the main reason for the high price of the Bernina sewing machine is that they are well built. The company does not sacrifice quality to save a few dollars on manufacturing costs. … Also, you get a lot of fine features built into their machines.

Which is better Babylock or Bernina?

The Baby Lock has 11.25″ work space and has a lot of other great features. The Bernina has a 10″ work space, also with other great features but not as many embroidery features as the Journey (I think). The Bernina seems like it is a better quality machine overall.

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How much is a Bernina 830 worth?

The retail price of the BERNINA 830 is USD 12,000 – a hefty price for a sewing machine …

Is Bernina still made in Switzerland?

In Steckborn, Switzerland, we are producing sewing machines since 1893. … In Thailand BERNINA sewing machines from entry level up to 7 Series are manufactored, while BERNINA Switzerland is still producing the top-of-the line machines and the longarm machines.

Where are Bernina Sewing Machines made now?

Bernina: This Swiss company is the only family-owned sewing machine manufacturing company left in our industry. They still produce a limited number of machines in Switzerland, but most of their machines are now manufactured in their solely owned and operated factories in Thailand.

What is the difference between Bernina and bernette?

BERNINA, founded in Switzerland over 125 years ago, is the premier manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines in the world. In 1989, Odette Ueltschi, owner and innovator, launched bernette, a name that’s equal parts BERNINA and Odette, as an independent brand of the BERNINA Textile Group.