How do you start a new thread when sewing?

Do you? Pull on the bottom of the spool. It will pop open. This is nice because after you use the spool, you can wrap the thread around by using the notches in the bottom of the spool and then push up on the bottom and it locks the thread back in place.

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How do I join threads together?

Step-by-Step Russian Join

  1. Interlock the Two Yarns Together. Hook together the two yarns you’d like to join, interlocking them.
  2. Thread the Needle. …
  3. Position the Tapestry Needle. …
  4. Begin Burrowing into the Yarn. …
  5. Bunch Up the Yarn. …
  6. Pull the Yarn Through. …
  7. Tug On the Longer Yarn End. …
  8. Trim and Neaten the Yarn.


How do you find the end of twine?

Finding a New Spool of Thread End

The bottom of the spool is indicated by the frilly edge that is where you should find the thread end. All you have to do is twist that bottom section and you should see the thread end waiting patiently for you.

Where is the start of thread?

Run a fingernail along the edge of each end until the slit is found…then mark that slit with a bold permanent color pen…so it will always be easy to find it…and the thread end that is tucked there. For new spools the label has to be lifted up slightly to find the thread end.

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What if you run out of thread while sewing?

If you run out of bobbin thread while your doing a top stitch, you’ll want to step away from your machine for a minute, reload your thread, and then get your scissors. You’ll need to carefully cut and remove the stitch that ran out on you.

How much thread do I need for hand sewing?

Thread for hand sewing should be cut about 18″ (. 5 meter) long. If you sew with it longer or doubled it has a greater chance of tangling than if you keep it short and single. There is an old saying, “Long thread, lazy girl” that chides hand sewers who try to use thread that is too long.

Does the magic knot ever come undone?

If you’ve discovered a real knot at the beginning of your row, then it’s really easy. All you need to do here is cut the knot out and re-join the yarn as you would if you were joining a new ball. … Magic Knot: It truly is a magical knot that won’t come undone!