How do you reinforce corners when sewing?

How do you make a perfect corner when sewing?

Creating Perfect Points

Trim: Trimming away excess bulk is always a great way to help the fabric lay smoothly. Grading the seam will disrupt a sharp under layer edge. Sew across the corner: The layers of the seam allowance need to fit into the inside of the corner.

What is reinforce in sewing?

When you reinforce something in sewing, usually you are going over the area with stitches a few times to make it stronger. This might be at corners, curves or areas that you need to trim closely too. … Sew the seam, and then provide another layer of stitching by topstitching so something similar.

What are corner seams used for?

Corner Seams

On acute or sharp points, such as shirt collars, take one to three stitches diagonally across the corner to allow some room for seam allowances turning inside. Use one stitch on lightweight fabrics and three on heavyweight fabrics.

How do you make a fabric corner?


  1. Cut three 4″ x 4″ squares.
  2. Fold one square in half to form a triangle.
  3. Place triangle on top of another square, fold at center, top and side edges aligned.
  4. Add remaining square on top with right sides together.
  5. Clip to hold.
  6. Sew around square with 1/4″ seam allowance leaving 2″ opening at bottom.
  7. Snip corners.
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How do you strengthen your pockets?

Reinforce your pockets with decorative machine stitches or vintage techniques.

  1. Jeans and other workwear are generously reinforced with bar tacks.
  2. Keep your garments intact longer with decorative reinforcement at stress points.
  3. The traditional pocket reinforcement is a bar tack.

How do you sew pocket corners?

Starting at the top fold stitching, sew towards the top of the pocket, across to the corner, down the right side, across the bottom, up the left side, across to your mark, ending at the top fold stitching. Stitch the pocket 1/8″ from the fabric’s edge. Your corners should now look like the image below. And that’s it!

What is a reinforcement stitch length?

Reinforcement Stitching: Smaller length stitching that make a seam stronger (12-14) stitches per inch). Reinforcement stitching is used in places like crotches and corners. Reinforcement Stitching: A second row of stitching to make a seam stronger.