Frequent question: Can I crochet knitted squares together?

Can you knit knitted squares together?

However, I give you below the instructions to join the squares leaving the seam in the wrong side. Hold the two pieces you want to join with their right sides together. Insert your crochet hook through both. … In other words, make an entire row of single crochet stitch working each stitch through both knitted pieces.

How do you sew knitted panels together?

  1. Place your knitted pieces side-by-side with the right side facing up.
  2. Insert the sewing needle under the first horizontal bar on one of your pieces.
  3. Pull the yarn through.
  4. Insert the needle under the horizontal bar on the other piece.
  5. Pull the yarn through.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until your seam is complete.

What can I do with knitted squares?

8 Homemade Gifts from a Knitted Square (or Rectangle)

  1. Napkin Holders. Take two opposite corners of the square and sew them together. …
  2. Coffee Cozy. Measure the circumference of a paper coffee cup. …
  3. Fingerless Gloves. …
  4. Pot Holder. …
  5. Head Bands. …
  6. Baby Booties. …
  7. Phone/Camera/Sunglasses Case. …
  8. Checkers Game.


How do you knit diagonal squares?

Diagonal Square

  1. k2tog: Knit two together. …
  2. Row 1: Cast on 2 sts.
  3. Row 2: Knit to end of row.
  4. Row 3: Knit 1, increase 1, Knit to end of row.
  5. Next row: Knit to end of row. …
  6. Row 1: Knit 1, k2tog, knit to end of row.
  7. Next row: Cast off, leaving a 20” (50cm) tail which is used for sewing the squares together.
  8. S1: Slip 1 purlwise.
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How do you join crochet squares with different counts?

Using the Single Crochet Join (Right Sides Together), make a sc into the first 4 st’s of each square (through both layers) – see Photo 1. *Skip the next st of the larger square and insert your hook into the next st. Without skipping a stitch, insert your hook into the next st of the smaller square.